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Post by upduck on Sun Jul 19, 2015 8:17 pm

Time to get this nailed down methinks........
I like the bonus and yes i do land my fair share of them......but i have been monitoring them over the last few weeks and i think i have got them wrong....slightly.
Soooooooo, i have put a couple of ideas together to gauge where we go with them, your thoughts would be helpful in getting this sorted....
1 - Leave them alone.
Self-explanatory really.

2 - BONUS SATURDAY - Bonus only applies on Saturdays. A last chance saloon if you like. Full bonus system like what we have now. (PS i like this idea)

3 - An amended bonus system.
I think this is where i have got it wrong. The bonus was to reward those who stuck their neck out and picked a lot of selections but the rewards i think have swayed too far. So how about an amended system with lower rewards.

The minimum number of selections at any meeting should be 4. Non-Runners count towards minimum selection total but for obvious reasons will not count towards the bonus.
For each separate meeting where 4 or more selections have been made, the following bonus should be applied.

4 winners at one meeting = £50.00
5 winners at one meeting = £150.00
6 winners at one meeting = £250.00 (if 7 or more races)
Through the card = £500.00 (plus £1000.00 for each winner over 6)
i.e... 7 race meeting - 7 winners would net £600.00 bonus.

PLACED SELECTIONS - A jolly unlucky bonus - Minimum of 6 selections at meeting.
5 selections finishing in a qualifying place position = £25.00
6 selections finishing in a qualifying place position = £50.00 (if more than 6 races)
Through the card = £250.00

Qualifying place positions are where the bookies pay a place, as per general rules.(I have checked with various bookie websites and these are the standard number of runners for E/W settling)
4 Runners or less = WIN ONLY
5-7 runners = first 2 places.
8 or more runners = first 3 places.
Handicaps with 16 or more runners = first 4 places.

If there is a split and both win and E/W qualify for a bonus (4wins/4 placed. 4/5. 5/4 etc) bonus goes to the win part.

Another idea could be to do away with each-way betting and bonus altogether and just gofor winners....which at the end of the day is what it is all about.

4 - Get rid of the bonus for the daily tipster comp.
Another self-explanatory one.

Let's discuss this for a week then have a vote on what we want. To stsrt on Monday 3rd August.
Over to you folks.   Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile


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Post by MSC on Mon Jul 20, 2015 9:48 am

Bonusgate!   lol! 

From my point of view I would prefer option 4 - no bonuses at all, because it is a fair reflection of winnings and not wins, which is what betting is all about.  (And it will be easier to settle, which is a point I had not considered when other people were doing the settling! Lol). I do think we should have the option of each way betting, because, again, that is what happens and it affects your winnings - it is a gamble.  That said, it doesn't get used much on this competition, so it may not be missed.

I could live with a bonus Saturday though...tongue


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Post by Penniless Punter on Mon Jul 20, 2015 1:52 pm

There's no doubt the bonuses have favoured those picking short-odds selections which get placed. Fair enough, but to me it seems a "soft" way of rewarding losing selections. Win bonuses are much fairer it seems and there's an argument to keep those.
On the whole I agree with Angela, but to reach a democratic decision a system of win bonuses only might be a middle-road option we could all agree to, if any of us are strong pro-bonus system advocates.
If not, then I'd go no bonuses except possibly the new Saturday only idea, giving another conciliatory gesture.

Penniless Punter

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Post by Patrick on Thu Jul 23, 2015 10:48 am

Id say no bonuses is probably the best way to go. As Angela says, it is a fair reflection of how we have done.

The one thing I would say is that if we do get rid of bonuses, it should be done at the start of next years comp as it would affect the results of this years comp massively.


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